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Want a simple way to turn your kids clutter into CASH?

If you've tried dabbling in the buy-sell-trade groups or dealt with low ball consignment store offers, then you know this "cleaning the clutter" can be time consuming and sometimes not that profitable.

Don't you worry...because consigning with us means a BIGGER paycheck and less frustration.

                     How it Works

1.) Register here for your free consignor account.  This is where you will tag your items using our 24/7 tagging site.

2.) Drop your items off at the Waxahachie  Civic Center, for our weekend sale.

3.) We send you a check for 60-70% of your earnings.

              Reasons WHY you should consign!

•Consignors earn an average of $200- $300 at each sale!

• Consignors earn 60% on their consigned items minus a $10 consignor fee.

• They get to shop early before the public.
           Thursday, June 4th- 4:00pm:
           consignor presale (+1 guest)

• If you sign up to help at the sale you earn 70% on your consigned items and shop even earlier.
           2:30pm: 15 hour Team Member presale
           3:00pm: 10 hour Team Member presale
           3:30pm:  5 hour Team Member presale
   Sat 1/2 off presale, Team Members shop at 12:30pm
           before we open to the public.
•Tagging site is ALWAYS open

•Use your smartphone to tag. It's so easy!

No time to tag?  We have experienced taggers that can do the work for you.  More information is below👇 scroll down to the Valet Tagging section.

Register to Consign



Get Involved

Team members/helpers Sign Ups, coming soon!

Check your day planners and get a sitter!  WE NEED YOU!

Just log into your JBF Profile and click "Help at the Sale" to see the available shifts.

Why be a Team Member & Help at the Sale, you Ask?

• Shopping early is the best way to find the best deals... the more you help out, the earlier you shop!

• Our Team Members Earn 70% and Shop first at both presales, Thurs & Sat.

Presale Day for Team Members • Thursday, June 4th
2:30pm: 15 hour volunteer presale
3:00pm: 10 hour volunteer presale
3:30pm: 5 hour volunteer presale
4pm: consignor presale (+ one friend)
Presale for Saturday, 1/2 off, Team Members shop at 12:30pm.





Drop off is:

Wednesday, June 3rd 7pm-10pm
Thursday, June 4th 8am-2pm

*Please allow at least 1 hour for drop-off*


1.Enter building at the loading dock in the back of the Waxahachie Civic Center, with at least one tagged item and your consignor waiver.
We will also have consignor waivers at drop off.

2. Start at the back entrance: locate the check in table.

3. If consigning a car seat, complete a car seat waiver.

If consigning a crib, complete a crib waiver.

4. Check in at the computer & receive your pre-sale pass.

5. Have all clothing inspected.

6. You put your items on the sales floor.  If you have questions on where something goes, let us know.  Items placed with other like items sell better.

If you are bringing large items, we can not always guarantee that someone will be able to assist you with unloading. If possible, please plan on bringing your own "muscle" for these items.


Pick Up is:

Sunday, June 7th from 3pm-5pm


1. Enter from the back loading dock.  Check out at computer.

2. Locate your consignor number on the racks.

3. Make sure all clothing items belong to you.

4. Find your toys, shoes, etc. on tables with your consignor number range.  Check the middle of the floor area for larger items.

5. Look in designated "lost tags" area for items that belong to you.

6. Take all your items with you and proceed to the exit line.

Items not picked up by 5pm will be donated to charity. The donation truck will be loaded at this time and no entrance will be given to anyone who is late.

We must vacate the building at our scheduled time, and it is not possible for us to take items not picked up home with us.


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Infant to Size 18 clothing

We accept sizes newborn -  children's size 18 clothing, and shoes size 0-  and up. 

ALL clothing items must be on hangers (including: sleepers and onesies). 

We accept up to a size 5 in juniors.  We ONLY accept Junior Sizes 0,1,3 & 5.  CURRENT STYLES ONLY.  NO adult sized clothing, please.

We accept maternity clothing...CURRENT STYLES ONLY


You set your own price on all items, following the $3 rule. Price to sell!

*you can use our pricing guide link below

Generally items sell for 1/3 of the original price, depending on name brand and condition. Better brand names, unique items, or high price items usually bring more $.
Please use $.25 price increments only (i.e.; $6.00, $6.25, $6.50 rather than $6.99). An average price for shirts is $3-$7 and an average price for shorts/pants is $4-$8.You set your own price on all items. Our best advice is to price your items 1/2 to 1/4 of the original retail price.  See our pricing guide below for more information.

*$3 rule: clothing items must be priced for a minimum of $3.  If one item would not meet this amount, pair it with something else so that it can be tagged for at least $3.  (ie: a T-shirt can be paired with another shirt in the same size OR with pants/shorts)


Hanging Instructions:  To prevent items from falling off the hangers, please use appropriate sized hangers (or extra safety pins to attach the clothing to the hanger), child size hangers for the infant sized clothing and adult size hangers for toddler size up.  If it slips off the hanger please reinforce it!  Small zip ties are great for holding items on the hanger.

* All garments should be hung with the hanger hook pointing left (hanger should resemble a question mark when looking at the front of item).

* Safety pin clothing sets securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt so both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.

* Safety pin through BOTH pieces AND through the hanger (this will prevent pants from weighing down the shirt and causing a possible tear).

* Please safety pin pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide (zip ties also work great).

* We accept any type of hanger (wire or plastic are fine!)



• Must be clean & in working order

• Batteries included (you can get batteries very inexpensively at the Dollar Store)

• Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely. Use HEAVY packing tape. If parts get separated, it will not sell.

• Games and puzzles should have all pieces and be taped closed.

• Several small items can be grouped together in Ziploc bags (books, rattles, grab bags for small toys).

• We will ONLY accept stuffed animals that are LIKE NEW! No other stuffed animals will be accepted.

• Again, you MUST secure Ziploc bags with packing tape so that pieces do not get lost!

Maternity Items


• Must be in excellent condition.  Maternity clothing must be the appropriate season for the sale. Please do not bring out-dated maternity clothes. They will not sell.

• Please secure the tops with safety pins if they have a tendency to fall off the hanger.

• Breastfeeding tops are accepted with maternity clothing.

• Other Maternity Items: belly bands, pregnancy books, etc. sell very well.  We NO LONGER accept breast pumps.

Infant Equipment

• Infant equipment includes: Car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings, exersaucers, bouncy seats, boppies, play gyms, pack and plays and bassinets.

• Car seats cannot be older than 5 years old and must have the owner’s manual (you can print this online).

• Large toys and outdoor equipment

• Large toys and outdoor play equipment must be clean, free of dirt and or water. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well on these items. Must include all pieces. Name brands sell well.

Car Seats

Your car seat must have been manufactured within the past five years. It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident.  They must be in clean, like new condition.  You will complete a car seat waiver while at drop off or you can download it here.  Car seats will be closely inspected for safety reasons.

See the Safety & Recalls link below.



• Please be aware of our goal....to be the BEST in the consignment business. All shoes must go through shoe inspection.
• Shoes with dirt or mud will not be accepted.
• Must be tied in pairs by shoelaces or put the shoes in a clear baggie. Laces and shoes must be in excellent condition.  Zip Ties are great to keep shoes together!
• Attach a tag with a large safety pin to the laces or tape the tag on the bottom of the shoes or the bag.
• For shoes with no laces, put them together in a Ziploc bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag. Tape the bag closed with heavy packing tape.
• Bring shoes for the appropriate season of the sale.  (Spring/Summer sale: sandals, tennis shoes and Fall/Winter: boots, snow shoes)

Acceptable items

Spring/Summer Sale: Clothing and Shoes for warm weather is accepted at this sale including: shorts, swimsuits, sundresses and jeans.  No long sleeves (except light sweaters for Easter).  Flip flops are accepted if there are NO scuffs or stains.

Fall/Winter Sale: Clothing and Shoes for cool weather is accepted at this sale including: sweaters, Halloween costumes, coats, Christmas dresses and we will accept uniform shorts and short sleeved shirts.


Acceptable Items:
* Season appropriate clothing
* Jeans (any season)
* Shoes
* Toys
* Baby Equipment
* ALL children's furniture
* Kid Books
* Games, Movies, DVD's
* Kids Room Decor
* ANYTHING that has to do with raising a newborn to a pre-teen!

Non-Acceptable Items:
* Drop-Side Cribs
* Recalled Items
* BEDDING SETS- NO King/Queen bedding.
   crib, twin, blankets, sheets ARE accepted)
* Stained, Torn, or Broken Items
* Glass items or anything breakable, unless securely packaged. 
* Food items (including formula)
* Brest Pumps

Infant Items

Blankets, Snuglis, Bibs, Burp Rags, Carriers, etc. sell better if they are hanging.  If the items is longer it should be hung over a pant hanger. Be sure to put a safety pin on them so they don't fall off the hanger.



VALET Consignors

Do you have stuff to get rid of but no time to tag? Being a VALET Consignor is for you!
Here's how it works:

•Sign up ASAP! Limited spots are available, Link coming soon,  to receive more infomation.

•Bring your clean, sorted clothes/toys/items to the VALET tagger.

The VALET tagger prepares & tags your items.

For an additional fee the taggers can:
Take them to the sale and put them on the sales floor or purchase your tagging supplies for you.

You will still be given a pre-sale pass to attend the consignor pre-sale on Thursday.

Enjoy your clean closets and drawers and cash your consignor check!

Our taggers need time to prep your items, so they need to receive them no later than, coming soon, for the fall/winter sale.


Ready, Set, Tag!

Following these simple hanging tips will help your items sell better!

The hanger hook should point to the left and look like a question mark when looking at it.  We take any type of hanger: plastic or wire are both fine.

*$3 rule: clothing items must be priced for a minimum of $3.  If one item would not meet this amount, pair it with something else so that it can be tagged for at least $3.  (ie: a T-shirt can be paired with another shirt in the same size OR with pants/shorts)

Hanging pants: attach the pants with safety pins on each side and one through the middle of the waist band and to the TOP part of the hanger to ensure that pant will not slide.

Hanging sets: Most sets can be placed on one hanger. Safety pin thru both clothing pieces AND around the top of hanger (this will prevent pants from weighing down the shirt and causing a possible tear).

Remember: Clothing is sold on hangers, so hangers will not be returned to consignor. Unsold clothing will be returned on hangers.

Tag Gun: If you are interested in ordering a tag gun, you can find great deals on ebay.  Remember to be very careful when using a tag gun and tag through the size tag or inside lip in the neck area, since we will not accept clothing with holes.

Safety pins: Please use 1" or larger safety pins: NO straight pins or small gold safety pins.

*****For questions or more tips, join our FB Consignor group, where you can get info. from experienced consignors ******

Click here for a Tagging Supply Video


Our Best Selling Items

You make BIG bucks when you are ready to sell these popular items!  These are our best sellers!

Strollers & Car seats
Pack n Plays, Bassinets, Swings, Bouncy Seats
Cribs & Toddler Beds
Bikes & Ride On Toys
Outdoor playsets
Books & DVD's



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Earn more $ and shop earlier...




Kids grow and change so quickly, who can keep up.  With 3 kids, we are always looking for ways to save money, this is where JBF comes in.  You can sell the items that your children have outgrown or toys they don't play with anymore, then you shop to replace those items.  It's a win-win for all.  We hope you enjoy your JBF experience.  Please let us know if we can help in anyway.